The Trump nighmare

The Washington Post reports:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose caustic comments about Mexicans have inflamed the immigration debate, told thousands of cheering supporters here Saturday that “we have to take back the heart of our country.”

In a rambling, defiant speech delivered in this border state that has been the epicenter of the nation’s divisive battle over immigration reform, declared: “These are people that shouldn’t be in our country. They flow in like water.” One man in the crowd of 4,200 shouted back, “Build a wall!”


On the back of such rhetoric, is now leading the Republican field on 16%, ahead of 13% and Ben Carson 10%.

This is a nightmare for the Republicans. won’t win the nomination, and is unelectable as President. But his statements will poison the brand of the Republicans.

Most people standing for President moderate their remarks because they hold elected office, and can’t get away with being so inflammatory. Those who don’t tend to get very little publicity. But is getting the headlines, and ramping up the rhetoric.

There is a problem with illegal immigration in the US.  But suggesting that the Mexican Government is actually deciding who to send over the border, is fanciful. It’s nothing to do with the Government, and everything to do with Mexicans thinking they can have a better standard of living in the US.

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