Travel expenses for Wellington MPs

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MPs need to travel to do their job, so it is no surprise that they have travel expenses. However MPs who live in Wellington, you generally expect to have smaller travel expenses, unless they have particular jobs (such as Opposition Leader) that requires them to travel a lot. So let’s look at the travel expenses for Wellington based MPs.

  1. Andrew Little $26,012
  2. Annette King $21,987
  3. Kris Faafoi $18,677
  4. Trevor Mallard $17,729
  5. Paul Foster-Bell $13,682
  6. James Shaw $12,637
  7. Chris Hipkins $11,858
  8. Jan Logie $11,733
  9. Gareth Hughes $10,927
  10. Grant Robertson $9,652
  11. Russel Norman $7,911
  12. Chris Bishop $6,318
  13. Brett Hudson $3,650

You can understand why Little and King have such expenses. But Faafoi and Mallard are spending almost $1,500 a week in travel, which seems a lot.

To put it into comparison Faafoi and Mallard have higher travel expenses than 80 other MPs, most of whom live outside of Wellington. They are 13th and 15th highest for travel costs out of 93 non Ministers.

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