Coke blaming

Stuff reports:

Coca-Cola staff in Invercargill are understood to be on alert after angry phone calls were made to the company by a man whose partner’s death was linked to excessive coke consumption in 2010.

, the partner of 30-year-old Natasha Harris who drank up to 8 litres of coke a day for several years before she died in 2010, said he made several calls to the company one day last week.

I’m waiting for someone to eat eight kilograms of celery a day, and then when they die, have their death blamed on celery.

Hodgkinson blames Coca-Cola for his partner’s death, and said he had asked the company to help him get his eight children back in the phone calls.

He had been living with Harris and their children prior to her death but lost custody in the months afterwards, he said.

If he has lost custody, despite being the only parent, then that suggests very deep issues. And they have nothing to do with .

He had been given the “royal run around ” by Coca-Cola on the phone and had been angry, but had not threatened anyone in the calls, he said.

Even making the calls is bizarre. And angry parents who have lost custody of kids often do very violent things, sadly. I think it is no surprise Coke staff are being vigilant.

Maybe he could stop phoning them up, rather than go to the media.

The incident comes four years after Hodgkinson rebutted Coca-Cola claims he had made death threats against its Invercargill staff. 

This makes me wonder why he lost custody of his kids.

He had been involved in an incident which resulted in him doing jail time for a home invasion offence before being released in October, he said. 

Oh that is why. So not really anything to do with Coke.

Assistance from Coca-Cola would allow him to get into a big house which he believed would help him get his kids back.

Oh actually he is demanding they give him some money. His behaviour sounds like it is verging on the illegal – if you threaten and demand money, that is a crime.


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