Hide on Craig’s pamphlet

Rodney Hide writes:

I already thought Colin Craig the oddest thing in New Zealand politics but I have just received a pamphlet in my letterbox that makes him appear even odder. On the front is a picture of a haunted, hunted Craig, and it is titled Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas.

I flicked it open to see an image of a man’s hand on a woman’s knee and in bold: “Craig has only ever had one sexual relationship which is with his wife [Helen] of over 23 years.” …

There’s no author. Craig is spoken about in the third person and he and his wife have “authorised” the pamphlet but “do not agree with every statement made nor endorse all viewpoints”. I am hoping they do agree on the statement of fidelity.

The pamphlet comments on allegations made by blogger Whaleoil and others, including Conservative Party board members. There is quite a cast of characters and some deep intrigue. I got a little lost in it and am left wondering why I needed to know all this. Or why I should care.

The essence is the claim there has been a “campaign of lies” against Craig. Some of the “lies” are repeated and responded to. Nothing is proved either way.

We are told of lies 4, 7 and 14, but I am left wondering about the others. I am thinking that 1, 2 and 3 must be juicy.

I thought I was special but my neighbours also got the pamphlet.

It’s odd to complain about lies being told about you then repeat them to every household in my neighbourhood and, supposedly, the country.

Stranger is to suggest, through numbering the lies, that there are more — and to provide references to where they may be found.

Like Rodney, I find this very strange. I’ve never ever before known someone who claims something defamatory was said about them, to publish a pamphlet about the alleged lies, and mail it to what appears to be every household in New Zealand.

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