Labour’s complaint thrown out

The Herald reports:

Not so after all.

That’s the message from police over a blogger accessing Party computer systems to gather financial and membership details.

The country’s most senior detective Rodney Drew today told the Labour Party that “there is no evidence of criminal offending”.

“While the matter may raise privacy and ethical issues, these are not the domain of criminal law.”

It’s almost a year since details of the 2011 intrusion were described by journalist Nicky Hager in the controversial pre-election book Dirty Politics.

Hager wrote how Whaleoil blogger conspired with a staff member in the Prime Minister’s office, Jason Ede, to access Labour Party information through a hole in its website.

This makes it sound like Hager revealed what Cameron did.

In fact Cameron revealed it some years earlier. And it wasn’t hacking or a hole. Labour basically left their database open on the world wide web. No password needed. No special knowledge. It was a technical fuck up by them. Cameron even did a You Tube video detailing how the information was found.

They knew this. That is why at the time they never ever mentioned any possibility of them regarding it as a criminal matter. It was only after the Dirty Politics book came out that three years later they suddenly decided it was.

The scandal was that Labour were so incompetent that they had their membership and donation details available on the WWW for anyone to view. Labour exposed all their members and donors to the public.

The only political hacking of the last few years has been of Cameron, by “Rawshark”.

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