NZ Ashley Madison addresses


Danyl McL blogs:

I downloaded the dump files and took a look at the breakdown of top level addresses. It seems a little unfair that teachers account for about 0.2% of the addresses but close to 100% of the breathless coverage.

Many of the .co addresses are just private email addresses (, so you could claim that the focus is on teachers and public servants because they were stupid enough to use work addresses. But there are also literally thousands of work addresses included in that .co category including, amusingly enough, many from the media companies running these stories about dirty teachers and public servants. If these journos want to know why someone would sign up to one of these sites they should go ask their executives. Why are the teachers ‘exposed’ and not everyone else?

I think that the media have gone way over the top hunting down people who were registered on the site, just because they are a teacher or used a work address.

Unless there is gross hypocrisy involved (ie someone is a family values crusader), then there is no public interest in publishing stories about people who registered for the site.

As Danyl notes, some users are from media companies. Are they going to start doing exposes on their own staff?

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