PPTA wants to ban international school qualifications

The Herald reports:

It said schools offering Cambridge and IB made public assertions that portrayed the NCEA as not challenging or lacking credibility – which was not true – and therefore should be banned as it was further undermining the local qualification.

I’m used to outrageously bad proposals in education, but this might take the cake. Because some parents and schools hold Cambridge and International Baccalaureate in higher esteem than NCEA, the PPTA’s answer is to ban them!!!

Do their political allies in Labour and Greens agree with them?

And as for NCEA?

The union said it would only continue to support NCEA if changes were made to ensure it retained its quality and fairness.

And what do they mean by that?

These included the removal of the government target

So no accountability.

less required moderation

Which means it is less fair. Also ironically the NZEI argues national standards do not have enough moderation while PPTA says NCEA has too much moderation.

reduction in the dominance of universities over the qualification

So less quality.

and a ban on international qualifications such as Cambridge and International Baccalaureate

And no choice.

I look forward to Labour campaigning on this in 2017.

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