Don’t take photos of strangers

Stuff reports:

As far as in-flight break-ups go, at least it wasn’t the fuselage.

Rather, it was a relationship that disintegrated on board a delayed flight out of Raleigh, North Carolina, captured in all its devastation by a fellow passenger and broadcast to the world.

When Kelly Keegs live-tweeted the split as her plane sat stranded on the tarmac, it quickly went viral. The saga garnered thousands of retweets as followers hung on every word, and the hashtag #PlaneBreakup became a home base for observers to discuss the unfolding chaos.

I don’t have an issue with people live tweeting something happening in a semi-public place. But I do think it is appalling when you also take a photo of the people involved, and make that public. That humiliates them to all their friends and family, and shames them on a global basis.

has a very nasty streak to it, where people revel in public .

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