Smart move by Dominos

The Herald reports:

A company’s drivers will be able to be tracked from the moment they leave the store to when they drop the pizza off at your door.

Domino’s New Zealand general manager Scott Bush said the company’s GPS Driver Tracker was developed with Navman Wireless as an extension to the company’s smartphone app and is launching in New Zealand following a successful trial in Australia.

“Our customers will be able to watch their driver on route to their door in real time [and] know exactly who their driver is,” Bush said.

The software was inspired by Uber and also works on desktop computers and also keeps delivery drivers safe, Bush said.

This is a very smart move. It is frustrating not knowing when your pizzas will arrive, and the ability to see where the drive is in real time, will be a significant selling point.

It won’t be the only point of difference. Taste is still king, and for me Hell reigns supreme over Pizza Hut and Dominos. Wholly Pizza is very good also.

However another story by Stuff has the protesting this really smart move:

Service and Food Workers Union organiser Russell Taylor said unions were nervous about monitoring technology in the workplace, which was becoming more common.

“It’s an invasion of privacy. Employers say it’s being done for the benefit of the employees but more often than not it is used against them.”

Unions did not want workplaces relying on technology for health and safety.

“In our view all workers should be within sight and sound of another person at all times,” he said.

Is it any wonder why so many unions are regarded as dinosaurs?

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