So who provides the water and sewerage?

The Herald reports:

A Manurewa property owner who owes $11,000 in rates has lost her home in a court ordered mortgagee sale.

The unrepentant owner had refused to back down, saying she does not recognise Auckland Council’s authority and her property is not for sale.

“I don’t see how those people can come in and take my house.”

Quite easy. It is called the law.

Council general manager accounting services Sharmaine Naidoo said Ms Marsh had made no rates payments since August 6, 2010, and currently owed $11,781.27.

“Council has sent four rates notices and around eight reminder letters to the ratepayer each year, however they have been returned to council.

So why did she stop paying?

Ms Marsh, who works for KiwiRail, told the Herald she had paid her rates to the rightful landowner – Arikinui o Tuhoe – and she refused to recognise the council’s authority over the land.

Does Tuhoe provide water to her former house? Do they provide sewerage?

“The house is not their house to take. I own the house which is fully paid for.”

You did own it. No longer.

Though she could afford to pay the outstanding rates, she refused to do so. The issue was not a Maori land rights issue “as such”. “It’s got everything to do with the rights of people all over.” Asked if she was prepared to lose her house, she said: “I’m certain that’s not going to happen.

“I don’t give them permission to sell it. It’s my home and they want to sell my home for $11,000. It’s a kick in the teeth. Who has the right to do that?”

The Council when you refuse to pay your rates.

Personally if I was the Council I’d be more inclined to just cut off their water and sewerage until they paid.

Property records show Ms Marsh has owned the house since January 1995, when it was purchased for $137,000.

So she paid for 15 years but suddenly in 2010 decided she no longer had to pay.

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