Union fees should be direct debit!

The Guardian reports:

Under the proposals, it is claimed that administrative costs will be saved in the public sector as 3.8 million trade union members – 54% of the public sector workforce – are told to make their own arrangements to pay their union subscription, mainly by direct debit. say this will lead to a loss in funds by making subscription payments more complicated.

But Hancock said: “In the 21st-century era of direct debits and digital payments, public resources should not be used to support the collection of trade union subscriptions. It’s time to get rid of this outdated practice and modernise the relationship between trade unions and their members. By ending check-off we are bringing greater transparency to employees – making it easier for them to choose whether or not to pay subscriptions and which union to join.”

Totally support this, and would love to see this in NZ.

Not just for the public sector. Employers should be left out of this. If an employee wants to join a union, they should pay the fees directly. Very easy with Internet Banking to set up an AP or DD.

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