1,200 books banned in NZ

Been sent a list of around 1,200 books that have been banned in New Zealand. They were banned between 1963 and 1994 by the Indecent Publications Tribunal, and the vast majority are still banned today as they have not been reclassified. Titles include:

  • Love Mouth
  • The Song of the Loon
  • Ancient and Modern Methods of Growing Extraordinary Marijuana
  • Explosives and Propellants From Commonly Available Materials
  • Full Auto Volume Five M1 Carbine To M2 Modification Manual
  • In the Hands of the Inquisition
  • 1001 Ways to Make Love
  • A Librarian’s Training
  • A Sea of Thighs
  • AC/DC House Guest
  • All in Knots
  • And Nanny at Night
  • Beatrice
  • Flossie in Bondage
  • How to Satisfy All Women
  • Why Was He Born so Beautiful and Other Rugby Songs
  • The Yes Book of Sex: You Can Last Longer
  • The Wild White Witch

I suspect 99% would be approved today.

The full list is embedded below.

IPT Banned Books 1963-1994

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