Regenerate Christchurch

Gerry Brownlee reports:

The Crown and City Council have signalled a new in central and local relations with the development of a joint entity to drive the city’s regeneration.

The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, and the Mayor of Christchurch, Lianne Dalziel, today outlined plans to establish Regenerate Christchurch – a joint entity tasked with overseeing the long term development and enhancement of the Central City, residential red zone, New Brighton and other potential regeneration zones. …

Regenerate will be jointly owned and funded by the Crown and the Christchurch City Council.  It will have a board which will report to both the Crown and Council. After five years the organisation will transfer to the city as a fully Council Controlled Organisation (CCO).

Appointing an independent Board ensures that Regenerate will be managed in a completely different way to the current entities, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and the Christchurch City Council.

Having it eventually revert to full Council control is the right thing, along with having an independent board.

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