Can’t be good if both Lianne and Gerry are worried

Stuff reports:

Lianne Dalziel and Gerry Brownlee have written to the agency fixing ’s red zone to express a lack of confidence in its work programme.

The March letter, obtained by Stuff under the Official Information Act, shows both the mayor and Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister have concerns about Regenerate Christchurch’s work programme, which outlines its work in the city. 

The joint Crown-Christchurch City Council agency is tasked with developing plans for the residential red zone, New Brighton and the central city, but can also develop plans for other parts of the city.

Brownlee and Dalziel said it was “concerning to us, that to date, it appears there is no troubleshooting capacity in your work programme to address regeneration opportunities outside those we have set in the letter of expectations”

i’m not over the details of this but if you have both the Minister and the Mayor expressing concern, that suggests things are probably quite astray.

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