The carnage the Greens tried to protect us from

Stuff reports:

Sideways rain and a biting cold was no deterrent for die-hard rugby fans got up in the middle of the night to support the All Blacks.

Hundreds of fans turned out to bars to see New Zealand play Argentina live at 3.20 Monday morning, New Zealand time.

Wellingtonians Abi Thomas and Philip Stretton were some of the brave ones got up before dawn to support the boys in black.

Thomas said she could hardly sleep, which made it easier to get up before dawn for the game. She had a day off work Monday so was sipping on a beer.

Stretton wasn’t so lucky, he was drinking coffee and planned to have a few more before his 7.30am start at work.

Hotel Bristol owner Akio Shigeeda said the fans watched at the Cuba St bar were “really good”.

“The bulk of our sales were breakfasts and coffees, teas, a lot of post-mix, a few beers but nothing excessive, which is good for the police and good for licensing.”

But the told people would be rolling out drunk past schools, as kids were arriving!

Owner of Dixon St bar Four Kings, Matt McLaughlin, also said they had a good turnout for the All Blacks game, and for the game before it.

About 30 people turned out to the bar for the Wales versus Uruguay match at 1.15am, and about 100 people for the All Blacks versus Argentina game.

“It was a great little crowd,” he said.

McLaughlin said the numbers were pretty standard for a match that early in the morning.

A group of Welsh rugby fans had come in from an all-nighter, but they were well behaved, he said.

“They were fine, they weren’t intoxicated…it proved the point that [an early license is] quite easy to manage.”

Yes you can do an all nighter and not be pissed.

police did the rounds of bars on Monday morning, and found everything in order, police communications acting shift commander Megan Gouverneur said.

“We had no trouble, no one rolling out on the streets.”

In other words, nothing happened which the nanny statists warned would happen.

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