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The Herald reports:

Online travel booking and management company Serko has launched a new bag tracking system aimed at helping travellers to more easily track the location of their luggage.

The system uses a small bluetooth beacon tracker which when synced with the user’s mobile can show where their bag is and when it is on the luggage carousel at airports. Serko chief executive Darrin Grafton said the system was designed to simplify the travel process for its customers.

“With Bag Tracker, Serko Mobile users no longer have to wonder whether their bags have made it on to the plane, or fight queues at the luggage carousel as their Serko Mobile app will now tell them exactly how far away their bags are,” Grafton said.

Sounds great. However if using bluetooth, what is the range? Will be good to know your bags are near the carousel, but will it tell you if they were left behind in another country?

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