Into The River unbanned

Stuff reports:

The New Zealand Film and Literature Board has lifted the ban on Ted Dawe’s controversial teen novel Into the River.

In a decision that was far from unanimous, the president of the board expressed the collective felt the actions of the censor were “illegal”. 

Board president Don Mathieson delivered a dissenting minority report but the remainder of the board voted to allow the book to be sold without restriction, saying a previous ban on under-14s was no longer justified.

The ban was always going to temporary, but I thought it likely the Board would reinstate an age restriction on it, as they did three years ago.

However it seems they have either been persuaded by the argument that it is suitable for younger readers, or it was such a hot potato, they just wanted it off their plate.

Personally I’m comfortable that individual families will decide whether they want to have their kids read the book.

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