Labour scaremongering over Kermadecs

Labour can;t even be positive over the announcement. They seem to think you win elections by being the prophets of doom and Armageddon.


A lack of consultation with important iwi stakeholders about the establishment of the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary could lead to legal challenges, says Labour’s Fisheries spokesperson Rino Tirikatene.

“Labour welcomes the establishment of the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary but we do have concerns the Government’s carefree approach is denying iwi involvement and could lead to legal challenges.

“Te Ohu Kaimoana hold significant quota for Maori in an area affected by the sanctuary and yet they weren’t consulted. This is a breach of Treaty of Waitangi obligations. 

I guess Labour also think stopping quota holders from using slave ships for fishing was a Treaty breach.

But anyway Labour are just making things up to try and find a negative.  Nick Smith has pointed out:

Claims by the Labour Party of insufficient Government consultation with iwi on the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary announced yesterday ignore the strong support of iwi for the new protection, Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith says. 

“Ngati Kuri and Te Aupouri – the two northern iwi with connections to the Kermadec Islands – both indicated their strong support for the new sanctuary prior to its announcement. These two relevant iwi have been pushing for the sanctuary proposal and so Labour’s criticism that they were not consulted does not make sense,” Dr Smith says. 

So the two Iwi connected support it. Does Labour? They claim they do, yet also seem to claim Iwi should be compensated even if Iwi support it!

“Te Ohu Kaimoana were also advised of the Government’s decision prior to its announcement. Official records show that no fishing by Te Ohu Kaimoana has occurred in the sanctuary area over the past five years.

Typical idiotic negativity from Labour.

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