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Stuff reports:

The man who called John Key “Shylock” has retracted his apology and accused the Party of undermining him.

, the unsuccessful Labour candidate for Rangitata in last year’s general election, said he had been reflecting on his comments since he lost the electorate contest last year.

Gibson, who has since disavowed any links with Labour, said he regretted apologising for his remarks about the prime minister.

Heh a year later he unapologises.

Gibson, who now works in Christchurch, said the election had been on his mind for some time. Voters returned National incumbent Jo Goodhew to the seat with an increased majority.

Gibson believed he could have won the electorate on a platform of stronger water quality measures and increasing trade with countries other than China’s “totalitarian dictatorship, which disappears thousands of people every year”.

He does know it was Labour who signed the FTA with China?

And was for winning the seat, well he lost by only 14,107 votes.

Gibson doubted Labour could govern again without making NZ First leader Winston Peters the Prime Minister for the first two years of its term.

That’s what Winnie wants!

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