Stuff reports:

A man who ran over his wife in his truck and killed her has admitted meeting another woman through a dating website two weeks later.

This makes me almost physically sick. You have to have something seriously wrong with you to be able to do this.

And can you imagine the conversations with people he met through the website?

So how are you single? …. I’m widowed …. Oh I’m sorry, how did she die … I accidentially ran over here … Oh how awful, it must have taken you years to recover, when did this happen? …. Last Friday!

Raymond said: “You accept that within two weeks of her death you were back on the same website and arranging dates with other women?”

Winskill: “Yes.”

Raymond: “What have you got to say about that now?”

Winskill: “That was just my personal way of dealing with the shock and loneliness and coming to terms with what had happened.”

Excusing it on the basis of loneliness reminds me of the odl joke about the child who killed both their parents and asked the court for leniency as they were now an orphan.

Raymond: “So you’ve, frankly, run over your wife, and she has died as a consequence, and within two weeks . . . you’ve not only placed your profile on a website, you’ve actually arranged to meet and then date another woman. Haven’t you?”

Winskill: “Yes.”

Raymond: “Do you accept, with hindsight, that that was appalling conduct?”

Winskill: “I do indeed. I’m appalled with my behaviour and it was very irrational and inappropriate and I apologise to any family members it has caused distress. Denise knew that I had thoroughly regretted having a relationship with that woman and she didn’t want to tell her kids because her kids would have wanted her to leave me and she didn’t want to do that and she stuck by me. I’d just bought her a new ring and we were poised to renew our vows and go to the islands for a few days.”

The kids were right.

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