The third Republican debate

Well the big losers of the debate were the CNBC moderators.  This was meant to be their entry into the big time, but instead they got criticised by many journalists, booed by the audience and attacked by the candidates. They showed why so many conservatives in the US distrust most of the media.

The big winner was Marco Rubio and as I said a few weeks ago I think a Rubio/Fiorina ticket could beat Clinton. Rubio was calm and confident and absolutely slam dunked Jeb Bush when he tried to attack him for being absent from the Senate so much.

Bush is the big loser. There were grumblings before this debate. He might not quite be toast but unless he can survive to the 4th debate and perform well there, I think it may be over for him.

Carson was not that engaged. Trump for once wasn’t aggressive and just had a pretty standard performance – which was good for him. People tire of just personal attacks after a while.

Chris Christie had a great moment when the moderators were asking if fantasy football markets should be banned ore regulated and Christie said why when we have $19 trillion in debt, have people out of work, ISIS and al-Qaeda attacking us, are you aksing us questions about fantasy football?. Huge applause.

Ted Cruz also had a great night by pointing out how so many of the questions from the moderators were just attacks in the guise of questions, and such a contrast to the Democratic debate.

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