Why is Wanoa not in jail or a mental health facility?

Stuff reports:

Video footage has emerged of the takeover of an Auckland office by a group of activists, in an apparent land claim.

On Monday a group of men stormed the office of the owners of Auckland’s City Works Depot, dragging staff out and barricading themselves inside.

The footage was uploaded to activist ’s You Tube channel and shows force being used on the staff being pushed out.

In the video a group of men, wearing shirts saying federal marshal, storm the building.

They tell employees of Tournament Group: “You gotta move…assisted or non-assisted, it’s up to you guys”.

A staff member who wouldn’t move is violently handled by the men as he says “leave me alone” and is dragged from his chair.

Wanoa said he was exercising his right as a “surrogate king” and had hired “UN contracted marshals” to help with the eviction.

He said he acted legally, informing  Auckland police he was going to occupy the premises and the police respected him as a sheriff.

Wanoa is obviously some sort of loon, but he is a loon that uses violence. He should be held accountable for that.

A police spokeswoman said investigations were on-going.

“Police are continuing their investigations into this incident and are following several positive lines of inquiry in relation to identifying and locating those involved,” she said.

Oh for God’s sake, just arrest him. He’s provided the evidence himself. Stop pussyfooting around.

He said he was a private investigator and believed he was the “New World Order”.

“I am like Graham McCready, the guy who took down John Banks, but better.”

When asked about the violence used to evict staff he responded that they brought it on themselves.

“They should have gone when we told them to. When someone points a gun at your head you do what they say. They caused all the commotion.”

He sounds like a danger to the community. Throw him in prison and he can be King of the New World Order there.

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