A Collection of Noises

A Collection of Noises is a one woman show at Bats produced by Alexander Sparrow, whom wrote and starred in the very funny De Sade (2014 Fringe Festival).

This was a very different play, although still at the some what disturbing end of the spectrum.

It’s a Grand-Guignol inspired psychological horror about a troubled school age girl who has a bizarre relationship with her mother, but also gets betrayed by her best friend.

The set when you walk in, looks like a stalker’s lair. Dozens of black and white photos of the girls hanging up.

At first Alice (Georgia Latief ) talks about her mother  and just deceased grandfather, but mixed in with that is the situation at school, and her lack of date for the school formal. She talks directly to the audience at times, accusing us of being almost being voyeurs.

As the betrayal by her best (and only) friend occurs, the focus turns more on their relationship and you see the thin line between love and hate. It becomes apparent it will end badly for someone, but whom and how?

It was a very dark production, and superbly acted. You do get engrossed in the plot, and have many moments of suspense as it builds towards the climax. But be warned – this is a dark production. It won’t be for everyone.

My one criticism would be that I would have liked to see the rather twisted relationship with the mother explored more. It seemed to have great potential, and while it was important to the show, I think even more could have done with it.

It’s on at Bats Theatre until Saturday 7 November 2015.

Rating: ***1/2