AECT a clean sweep for C&R

Interesting to see the results of the elections for the Auckland Energy Consumers Trust. The results were:

  1. Karen Sherry (C&R) 20,968
  2. Mike Buxzkowski (C&R) 19,761
  3. James Carmichael (C&R) 19,390
  4. William Cairns (C&R) 17,824
  5. Paul Hutchison (C&R) 16,942
  6. Judith Tizard (CV) 12,285
  7. Jeanette Elley (CV) 10,556
  8. Anne-Marie Coury (CV) 10,364
  9. Simon Mitchell (CV) 7,535
  10. Kirk Sepes CV) 6,445

So the left wing City Vision ticket got trounced, not winning a single place, let alone a majority.

The incumbent C&R team had a clear position – they will let residents enjoy the benefits of community ownership through dividend payments, to help them meet their bills.

The Labour/Green ticket campaigned on making Vector invest in solar power, electric vehicles, Tesla batteries, home insulation programmes and demand smoothing. Not even a big name such as Judith Tizard could come close.

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