Multiple terror attacks in Paris

My thoughts and tears are with as Paris is under multiple attacks as I write this.

The death toll so far is thought to be at least 60, and there is at least one major hostage situation.

It is very clear that these were co-ordinated attacks by Islamic terrorists.  It is France’s 9/11 and Britain’s 7/7.

Eventually focus will go on the attackers, and how to prevent a reoccurence. But for now let us just hope the French Police can prevent the death toll going any higher, and catch those responsble.

It will be a terrifying time for the millions who live in Paris. They need to know the world stands with them.

The Daily Telegraph has very good up to date coverage.

UPDATE: President Hollande has declared a state of emergency through France

UPDATE2: Death toll now at least 153, including 112 at the Bataclan concert.  The sheer terror for those at the concert must be unimaginable. They went around executing people one by one.

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