Templeton’s third liquidation

Stuff reports:

Businesses are doubtful of recouping tens of thousands of dollars from a failed company that ran Monster Slide events in New Zealand.

Trill Productions Ltd went into voluntary liquidation on November 2, making it the third company directed by Wellington entrepeneur to go under since February. 

I don’t judge people for one business failure.  Risk and reward are always linked.

But to have three companies in liquidation suggests there is a pattern of behaviour or judgement.

It’s not just suppliers who have been left out of pocket. Thousands of customers were duped into paying for tickets in advance for events that never eventuated.

Trill Productions is the third company directed by Templeton to go bust this year.

On February 5, Illuminate Global Ltd and Illuminate Youth Events NZ Ltd, which ran paint parties and youth events, went into liquidation. They left debts of about $158,000 and $4000, respectively, according to liquidators.

I believe it is time for regulatory authorities to look at whether Templeton is suitable to be a director of a company. And certainly any suppliers in future will be justified in demanding cash in advance for any services to companies he is involved with.

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