500 more social houses in Auckland

Stuff reports:

Over 500 new properties will be created in Auckland over the next three years, after the Government announced $10 million of funding for community housing providers.

The Salvation Army is among the five providers who have signed or are expected to sign deals to boost the city’s social housing supply.

The Salvation Army will provide 87 of the 508 properties and the Chinese New Settler Trust will provide 36 properties, with Accessible Properties taking on the biggest load with 358 properties.

Another two providers are expected to sign contracts to cover the remaining properties in the coming weeks.

Just over 140 of the properties will be new builds, with the remainder made up of existing stock turned into social housing.

Houses designating as social housing are treated like state houses – the tenants pay no more than 25% of their income in rent, with taxpayers subsidising any difference.

Ironic that again you have Sue Bradford and comrades chaining themselves to gates on the grounds the Government hates the poor, and just two days later they announce more subsidised housing for poorer New Zealanders.

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