ERO on Middle School West Auckland

The NZ Herald ran a number of stories earlier this year alleging Middle School West Auckland was bribing kids with KFC, had bullying issues, behaviour problems, safety and drug issues etc etc.

It is a charter school, so hence of course ideological opponents are out to plant these stories.

Anyway the ERO has just published their New School Assurance Review Report. They don’t find anything to do with KFC, bullying, drug issues etc.

Some extracts:

Middle School West Auckland has made a successful start to operating as a school that aims to provide a strong learning foundation for emerging adolescents. The curriculum is a model that the sponsor is successfully using in other Villa Trust schools. It uses project-based learning and incorporates a number of projects that are designed to provide broad coverage of the essential learning areas of The New Zealand Curriculum. The afternoon programme provides opportunities for te reo Māori and kapa haka, sports, the arts, and trips related to project work.

Sounds pretty standard.

Students respond positively to teachers’ high expectations. The students we talked to were very positive about the school. They reported that they get plenty of individual help from their teachers, and that, while some of the work is hard, they enjoy the challenge and variety of learning in this way.

Very different to what the media reports portrayed, which were based on second hand allegations.

The school has faced significant challenges during the year in regard to changes in staffing and in their shared occupancy of the Henderson site. School leaders have demonstrated resilience and a clear commitment to building an inclusive, learning-focused school culture. They acknowledge the need to provide Māori learners with an environment and programme that builds learners’ language, culture and identity. Strengthening this aspect of school provision is an ongoing challenge.

Basically there was a big of a fall out with the school they shared the site with.

A significant proportion of students who have previously been disengaged from schooling have enrolled at the school.

The kids at this school are the ones most at risk of falling through the gaps.

Improved attendance at school has been a significant and pleasing outcome this year for many of the students.

Can’t learn if you don’t go.

Students at Middle School West Auckland are enjoying a model of teaching and learning that supports and challenges them. Good systems are in place to support learners and their families and to build a school culture based on mutual respect.

Looks like a solid start.

I wonder if the NZ Herald will give the ERO report the same prominence in reporting as the unsubstantiated allegations?

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