Far left activists now protesting the IHC!

3 News reports:

Activists will picket ’s headquarters to protest the organisation’s interest in the Government’s state housing sell-off.

The intellectual disability support service revealed in August that was considering purchasing some or all of the 1140 state houses the government intends to sell in Tauranga.

State Housing Action Network says it’s “appalled” at the move, with its supporters staging a protest outside the IHC’s Wellington office today.

The network’s convenor accused IHC of “colluding in the betrayal of the most vulnerable families”, and allowing the government to walk away from its responsibility.


I suspect the IHC is in a better position to judge how to help the most vulnerable, than John Minto and his merry Marxists.

“We want the public to know that this once proud organisation, IHC, has become an eager collaborator in one of the National government’s most despicable policies,” Mr Minto said.

“IHC would not support Victorian-era approaches and attitudes to people with disabilities so neither should they support the National government returning housing for low-income families to Victorian times when the only options were charities and churches.”

The despicable policy that the Marxists are against is to extend the income related rent subsidy for state houses to all social provider houses, hence helping many more struggling families.

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