MP salaries and remuneration


The Remuneration Authority has published its latest determination for . They no longer have discretion as to any increases – a law change saw it tagged to the average increase in the overall public sector. This has seen a 2.6% increase.

The salary is only part of their package, so I’ve estimated what the overall package is for each type of MP.

  • Super is the value of the 20% subsidy they get based on a normal MPs salary
  • Perks are the estimated value of free domestic travel for MPs and their families, and for Ministers the value of their self-drive cars
  • Allowance is the allowance set by the Remuneration Authority. This is to cover expenses, but does not need to be accounted for.

By turning down a ministerial job, David Seymour is taking is around $65,000 a year less than what he would have got.

Interesting that the Labour Deputy Leader and Senior Whip get paid more than the Green and NZ First party leaders.

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