Sensible approach to passenger services review

Stuff reports:

could be forced to check drivers’ log books and vehicle safety, after the Government recommended forcing it to become an approved transport operator.

However drivers which use the mobile platform to find passengers appear set to continue to operate without being forced to install in-vehicle cameras, which are required in .

I’m pleased they are not going to try and force Uber cars to install cameras. It would be a huge unnecessary cost. Uber cars do not do random pick ups. They are booked through an app and the identity of the driver and passenger is known. Plus there is a GPS trace of the route. That is far more secure than a video camera in the car.

The consultation document is here. The overall theme looks good – reducing regulatory requirements on the taxi industry, rather than increasing them on services such as Uber.

However it could go further. At present it takes at least eight weeks and $1,500 for someone to get a passenger licence. That’s way too costly and slow. The Government should set a target of turning applications around in under a month and reducing the cost to say $500.

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