What a whacko

The Herald reports:

Former Malaysian Embassy worker has admitted to smoking cannabis, buying synthetic cannabis and that he believes in black magic, but denies defecating outside the victim’s house to put a spell on her.

It might put a smell on her, rather than a spell!

Mr Burston asked Rizalman about a statement he’d made in Malaysia, saying he’d never bought or used synthetic cannabis.

After being shown bank records, showing an $18.95 transaction at Cosmic on Cuba on May 2 last year, Rizalman admitted buying the legal high there.

Mr Burston said a shop employee had said Rizalman bought the highest-strength cannabis – puff super strength. That costs $15 and cigarette papers costs about $4.

Rizalman accepted that.

Mr Burston then said the employee’s evidence was that Rizalman asked two young female shop assistants if they had a boyfriend and what they were doing later.

“Did that happen?” Mr Burston asked.

“Maybe,” Rizalman replied.

Mr Burston then asked if Rizalman asked one of the women for a drink after work.

“Maybe,” Rizalman replied.

I think maybe means yes.

One of the women told Rizalman to leave him alone, Mr Burston said. He then tried to grab the young woman’s shoulders.

“Did that happen?” Mr Burston asked.

“I can’t remember,” Rizalman replied.

Also means yes.

Rizalman admitted he believed in “black magic”.

He also told a psychiatrist he believed a superior officer had put a spell on him. That officer had an uncle who was a shaman.

What sort of spell I wonder?

“Do you know of a spell that you can put on a woman to make her fall in love with you by defecating outside her house?” Mr Burston asked.

“I don’t know because I’ve never practiced it,” Rizalman said.

“The reason that you took off your belt and lowered your trousers and underpants outside this young woman’s front door, on the patio by her front door, was more about black magic than having to go to the toilet in an emergency?”


That may also mean yes!

Rizalman was asked about an assessment report in June last year, which said there was information about Rizalman’s “increased interest towards women”.

“You went to a place called Mermaids in Wellington twice when you felt under pressure,” Mr Burston said.

Is that an aquarium?

“Yes,” Rizalman replied.

“The women were taking their clothes off?”

“Only their outer clothes.”

“The women were topless?”


“Were you interested in looking at the attractive women in the strip club?”


That also means yes

“Why did you go to the strip club?”

“To listen to music and release tension.”

Well in a literal sense he could be telling the truth.

At 9.32am he bought a ticket to the movie Chef.He went to the 11.20 screening. Rizalman said he remembered going to the cinema and sleeping.

About 3pm, he bought a mini bottle of Jack Daniel’s. It was found in Rizalman’s jacket pocket, but he said today he hadn’t been a drinker since before he was married.”I don’t know why I bought it,” Rizalman said, before denying it could be a present for a young woman he hoped to befriend.

After 4.57pm, Rizalman’s phone diverted all calls to his message. Until 9.38pm that night there were 132 unanswered calls from his wife’s cellphone.

Houston we may have a problem.

I take two things away from the article:

  • Rizalman has serious behavioural problems and we will be better off without him in NZ
  • His actions towards Ms Billingsley were inappropriate, criminal and terrifying. 

I’m glad he has ended up in court for his behaviour. Without this, I suspect he would have carried on.

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