A very active disabled man

The Herald reports:

A disabled Gisborne man has been arrested after allegedly deliberately driving into a marae, causing several thousand dollars worth of damage, before attacking a passer by’s car and threatening to set himself alight at a petrol station.

How is he disabled?

At some point, the vehicle became stuck in a ditch and the man, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, made his way on to State Highway 2.

So can he walk without it? He made his way to SH2.

When a concerned motorist stopped to give the man assistance, he smashed a wing mirror from the person’s car and was left behind when the vehicle drove off again.

Seems pretty active there.

Soon after, the man was given a ride to Gisborne by another person.

Some time later, he entered a service station and left without paying for a pack of cigarettes.

Again pretty active.

I am curious as to whether the man is deemed so disabled he is unable to work, because from where I am looking, he seems to be pretty capable.


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