In flight wifi spreading

Stuff reports:

Internet-deprived airline passengers take note: Experts believe Qantas and Virgin Australia will be increasingly pressured to offer in-flight Wi-Fi on international routes now that most of their partners and competitors do so.

“American, Delta, and United now offer Wi-Fi on nearly all flights [from Australia] to the United States, but neither Qantas nor Virgin Australia do,” Jason Rabinowitz, data manager for airline product differentiation platform Routehappy, said. “At some point, passenger demand is going to force them to offer it.”

Rabinowitz’s comments came as Routehappy released its annual Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi report.

Both airlines I used recently in the US had on board. Veyr reasonable prices also – just $8 for an entire flight.

I look forward to Air NZ providing wifi one day. I understand the Pacific Ocean makes it a bit more challenging for them, but in a few years it will be standard on all longer flights and hopefully the shorter ones also.

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