Little again says he can just ignore TPP

Radio NZ reports:

The Labour Party leader Andrew Little says his party would defy the Trans Pacific Partnership in Government.

Why he keeps repeating such a stupid stance I don’t know. You can withdraw from the TPP, but to claim you will simply ignore parts you disagree with is moronic. Think if all our trading partners took the same attitude?

By such a stance, Labour can’t credibly argue for a binding treaty, as according to Professor Little you can just ignore treaties and agreements you don’t like!

Phil Quin blogs on what Little said on radio:

He is stating as a that signing up to the TPP prevents parties from restricting land sales to, among others, Americans, Australians and the Chinese.  He is simply wrong on the final count because China is not a signatory to the TPP.

Little blows the xenophobic dog whistle to rally against the TPP, even though they are not even a signatory!

Also even if they were, the TPP actually would allow an effective ban on land sales to foreigners – you can simply impose 100% on them.

Seriously, though, Labour’s promise to flout the TPP if elected is the most reckless act by a mainstream political party since…umm, well I guess that would be Phil Twyford’s surname stunt.  It all suggests the party has become unmoored from any set of core principles or values; instead, they flail about, barking at each passing car, desperately hoping that the next stunt will be the game-changer that never comes.  So disheartening.  

What amazes me is the media allow Little to get away with such nonsense.  It’s about as intellectually honest as Donald claiming he will build a wall with Mexico and get the Mexican Government to pay for it!

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