An angry Island Bay

Stuff reports:

Wellington Mayor  was jeered in protests over the Island Bay cycleway at the suburb’s annual festival parade.

Emotions boiled over with boos, hisses and vocal barbs lobbed at the mayor, who was a key player in getting the controversial cycleway built.

The cycleway was completed just before the festival began at the weekend, and has been a big source of agitation in the suburb.

Club member Colin Peacock said there were strong opinions on the green about the cycleway, and about Wade-Brown. 

“We are just so sick of the woman. The cycleway is just a waste of ratepayers’ money.” 

Peacock said the cycleway was dangerous, and was causing massive problems with parking, especially for the elderly. 

Cycleways generally are good things as they improve safety for both cyclists and motorists. The Island Bay cycleway appears to have done the opposite and made it more dangerous for both.

Wade-Brown is an Island Bay resident. For her own suburb to turn on her like this is significant. I can’t imagine she will stand again.

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