The final UK-EU deal

The final deal has been struck and the UK goes to the polls on 23 June to vote on whether to remain in the EU or leave it.

Details are:

  • An emergency brake on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits. This was to be for four years but now is for seven years. However a maximum of four years for an individual.
  • Restrictions on child benefit for EU migrants will kick in at a reduced rate – indexed to the rate of a migrant’s home country
  • An opt-out from the EU’s historic commitment to forge an “ever closer union among the peoples of Europe
  • UK will have the right to impose a handbrake to refer contentious financial regulation to a meeting of EU leaders in the European council

It will be interesting to see which Ministers are for or against Brexit. Michael Gove is going to campaign to leave and he is popular and respected. This is no surprise though.

The real interest will be on what Boris does?

If the public vote to leave the EU, it is hard to see Cameron being able to remain as PM for long. This is good for those who want his job.

However if you campaign for Brexit and force the PM out, the party may blame you for the result.

Normally a party will be highly focused on unity but with UK Labour so divided and unelectable, the Conservatives can take more risks than normal.

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