Elitist nonsense about Arrowtown

Stuff reports:

Sir Michael Hill wants only the right kind of tourists in “unique and precious” Arrowtown.

Hill, one of the Wakatipu’s most prominent citizens, believes tourist numbers and development need to be capped to maintain the simplicity of the area.

Capped? If he suggested barbed wire fences around Arrowtown, and security guards only let in so many a day?

“With golf we’re bringing the tourists here that are well-heeled. That tourist spends five times the normal tourist.

“What I’m fearful of in this district is we get too many people, too many tourists. We don’t want any more. We want the quality ones,” he said.

So the security guards will demand tourists show their bank statements before allowing them in?

He urged that the “simplicity” of the region be maintained

“This place is very precious. It could be easily lost.

“If we could put a cap on this place it will be the most amazing place on this planet.”

The cafe worker in Arrowtown who has a job dependent on tourists visiting and buying a may disagree with such elitist views. So might the store owners.

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