John Lehmann

The Herald reports:

The man who trolled Associate Tourism Minister Paula Bennett over her charge against the sexist slogans says he’s had threats made against his daughter since he posted his comments.

John Lehmann wrote on Bennett’s Facebook page yesterday that a “bit of sexual violence never hurt anyone … LOL”, sparking outrage from anti-violence campaigners.

He has had a barrage of angry messages from strangers, some more extreme than others.

“I had one that sent me a photo of my daughter and said ‘let’s try some abuse on her’.

“Those are the bringing your kids into it,” he told the Herald.

Mr Lehmann, an Auckland resident, said his comments were “taken out of context” and admitted it was tasteless and he didn’t in “any way advocate violence”.

“It was a joke, just a wind up,” he said.

He said he wrote “LOL”, – laugh out loud – to show it was a joke.

However he said the actions of Bennett singling out his comment on her Facebook page was “quite malicious”.

“She set the against me and is trying to get political mileage,” he said.

What a doofus.

Anyone who writes on someone’s page “A bit of sexual violence never hurt anyone” is incredibly stupid or moronic, regardless of the LOL.

To do it on the page of a female Cabinet Minister is even more stupid.

All Paula did was highlight the comment. She didn’t even link to his profile. And you know what Lehmann did? He proudly commented on that thread, gloating there, thinking he was invincible.

And then the media picked it up, and he’s now whining over the attention.

While he received negative messages, he’s had many say the actions of the associate tourism minister were “tacky”.

“A vast number of people were horrified a member of public was used as a target.”

A vast number means him. And he made himself the target. Paula did not.

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