Kermadec Sanctuary applauded

NewstalkZB reports:

Government legislation introduced to create the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary has been met with a wave of applause from environmental groups.

The more than 600 thousand square kilometre area of sea north-east of the Bay of Plenty contains around six million seabirds, 35 different species of dolphin, and the largest submarine volcanic arc in the world.

Forest and Bird marine advocate Anton Van Helden said they’ve been campaigning for its protection for up to six years.

“It represents the largest no-take marine protected area in the world.

“There are other large protected areas but this one you can’t go mining, you cant’ go fishing, they’ve even made extra provisions around dumping. I mean, it’s an extraordinary achievement”.

I was a long-term fan of doing this, and glad the Government eventually agreed.

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