Labour disdain for beach house owners

Just look at the hatred and resentment coming from Labour MP Sue towards these people.

Their sin is:

  1. They own a beach house
  2. They were flying the Kyle Lockwood flag

Is this a new Labour policy – people own beach houses should not get to vote?

Perhaps this sneering at New Zealanders explains Moroney’s electoral record:

  • 1996 – lost Karapiro
  • 2002 – lost Piako
  • 2005 -lost Piako
  • 2008 – lost Hamilton East
  • 2011- lost Hamilton West
  • 2014 – lost Hamlton West

UPDATE: I’m told Sue has a beach house herself. So she is against beach house owners, except if they are Labour MPs? Hypocritical as well as offensive.

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