The UK Labour list of enemies

The Telegraph reports:

Jeremy Corbyn’s PMQ’s performance was an ‘effing disaster’ and David Cameron turned the Party into a laughing stock, according to one Labour MP.

John Woodcock accidentally tweeted out a private message on Twitter, which he has since deleted, saying: “F****** disaster. Worse week for Corbyn since he came in and that stupid f****** list makes us into a laughing stock.”

The Prime Minister repeatedly mocked the Labour leader for a leaked ‘list’, which categorises Labour MPs by their loyalty to Corbyn.

“You can include me in the ‘core support’ group”, he joked.

Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan and Ed Miliband have been reportedly labelled “hostile” towards Jeremy Corbyn.

The document, which was leaked to the Times, was reportedly complied by the Labour leader’s political secretary Katy Clark and dates back to January.

I wonder if NZ Labour has such a list. As only four MPs voted for Little (including himself), the core support group could be pretty small 🙂

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