Trump against TPP as NZ wishes to rip heart of US out!

NBR reports:

Republican front-runner used an overnight rally to sharpen his attacks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (). US ratification is needed for the trade deal to come into effect, with a vote expected in December at the earliest.

“It’s a horrible trade agreement,” Trump told a rally in Ohio, which will hold its primary on Wednesday NZ Time.

“You have 12 countries – all of whom want to rip our heart out.

So the hard left in NZ is now allied with Donald Trump. But for very different reasons. The hard left insist that NZ got a bad deal and that we are conceding too much to US corporates.

But Trump (and some others in the Republican Party) say it is a bad deal because the US didn’t get enough in it.

Trump romped home in Michigan by going in the exact opposite direction to the TPP, promising to slap huge tariffs on cars assembled by US automakers at plants in Mexico. The Republican establishment fretted it was essentially a Democrat policy, but it proved hugely popular.

Trump, like Labour, is against free trade.  Because industries that were formerly protected go through painful adjustments when faced with competition, free trade always has a proportion of the population who are against it – especially when combined with nationalism.

During the candidates’ debate on Friday NZ time, Cruz said, “I opposed TPP, and have always opposed TPP. We’re getting killed in international trade right now.”

Earlier, the arch social conservative said the trade deal would undermine US sovereignty.

Labour and also agreeing! Both using phony arguments.

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