Victim Blaming

The Herald reports:

University of Otago terrorism expert Richard Jackson said attacks in and the rest of the world would continue until world leaders changed the way they responded.

Yeah don’t respond to them, and they will stop!

He said they often reacted to terror by increasing security, intensifying attacks on regions terrorism was thought to be coming from, increasing restrictions on civil liberties, increasing and of Muslim communities, and introducing “draconian” legislation.

“And the only thing that has achieved is more terrorism,” he said.

Classic victim blaming. It is all the fault of the West, and nothing to do with the world view of the terrorists.

“It’s impossible to secure everywhere in modern society from these kinds of attacks. So to say we are going to make our society secure by increased security measures and by vigorous action is either a lie or it’s a delusion.”

When asked what the alternative to that would look like, he said: “The first thing to do would be to undertake an honest and rigorous investigation into the root causes of violence – to try and understand where it comes from.”

So what is his alternative?

ISIS wants a global caliphate and the world run on 7th century fundamentalist beliefs where are sex slaves.

Should we give them just some of what they want?

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