Young on Little

The Herald reports:

If ’s aim this week was to annoy his most important coalition partner, unsettle the markets and horrify his ethnic support base, he had a good week.

I think it was a great week!

He must have realised it wasn’t going so well when Winston Peters described him as indulging in dog-whistle politics – and it wasn’t an insult.

Little’s clumsy foray into immigration with comments on an apparent over-supply of ethnic chefs looked like race baiting.

His refusal to rule out legislating for interest rates was more extraordinary.

It has the potential to do longer-term damage to the party’s credibility and that of finance spokesman Grant Robertson as alternative stewards of the economy.

I don’t think even Jeremy Corbyn thinks the Government should legislate to set interest rates.

The most charitable comparison I’ve heard about Little’s failure to rule out legislating for interest rates is that his approach to putting pressure on the banks was akin to how unionists behave in meetings with employers.

Bluster and threats? Yes that would explain a lot.

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