1st core benefit increase in 44 years today

Today is the 1st real increase in core benefit rates for 44 years.

This was not done by a left wing caring socialist government with huge surpluses.

It was done by a uncaring poor oppressing neoliberal National Government that is barely back into surplus.

Despite the date, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

The same uncaring poor oppressing neoliberal National Government has also today (on top of $25 a week extra for benefits):

  • Increased the childcare assistance rate from $4 to $5 an hour
  • Increased in-work tax credits for low income families
  • Increased paid parental leave to 18 weeks
  • Increased the minimum wage to $15.25 an hour – the highest in the world relative to the median wage
  • Increased superannuation payments by 2.7%
  • Abolished zero hour contracts

This hateful neoliberal Government must be destroyed comrades.

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