Are these chemtrail things “real or not”?

Stuff reports:

Geraldine and Peel Forest are a relative stronghold in South Canterbury for the Green Party, which received 12.5 per cent of the party vote at booths in the area at the 2014 General Election.

Frustration with the party’s inability to prevent partial state asset sales at a referendum in 2013 was evident in one member’s voice. She exclaimed she had spent “all my spare time” gathering signatures for a petition to force a referendum, which failed to change Government plans.

“Why are people so stupid?” one party member asked, prompting others to blame greed and New Zealand’s “really appalling media”.

Not everyone agrees with my views so they’re stupid.  Charming.

An audience member, who said he had been “looking up quite a bit on my wife’s iPad” asked if “these chemtrail things” were “real or not”.

Talking of stupid! …

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