Guest Post: Where Kiwis spend their time

Where kiwis spend their free time


This summary enraged two men in Auckland. So much so that they set up to encourage NZers  to work to their strengths – with less housework like laundry and ironing and more charitable giving.

Let’s look through some of the interesting insights:


When I see this graph I think:

  • We spend too much time on mass media
  • We waste a large proportion of our life on housework
  • We don’t spend enough time on religion, reflection and charity
  • And the majority of people in this country don’t spend time with children.


Averages can be very misleading. But, they can also be a useful guide. All in all we are pretty even. This must have been widely different to 100 years ago. But, it is still fair to say that females are doing a bit more at home like ironing & laundry and men are still doing more paid work.


Overall there is little difference between males and females. Females spend a little more time at home with others while males spend more time out of home (probably at work). And we both spend around 54% of our lives with family.


Of little surprise though the more we earn the more we neglect our family. We go to work and work too much. On top of this we feel like we should socialise with work mates more. Then we rush home and do household chores and finally try and have some quality time with the partner and kids.


Education has little impact on our family time. PHDs or scraping through with Cs … either way family is family and it’s a big part of our life.


This is interesting. Work little or a lot to not be alone. However, if you work a part time job you are destined to join introverts anonymous.

Compared to Auckland University Pyschology survey

I tried asking Dr. Chris Sibley the Lead researcher for the NZAVS Department of Psychology at Auckland Uni for permission to publish this. But, I couldn’t get in touch. So given google made it public I’ll share it.

  • New Zealanders worked on average 24-25 hours per week. They did, on average between 10-11 hours of housework and cooking per week, and spent roughly 13-14 hours looking after children. New Zealanders commuted an average of 5 hours per week
  • In terms of leisure time, New Zealanders spent an average of 11 hours watching television, films and videos, between 1-2 hours playing computer games, and between 4-5 hours exercising.
  • New Zealanders, on average also spent between 1-2 hours per week performing charitable activities.

In summary what will you change?

  • What are the things you want more of in your life? What’s stopping you?
  • If you don’t have enough family time, reduce your work hours (whether homework or paid work). If you want someone else to do your laundry and ironing in Auckland head to
  • If you want an easy way of boosting your charity time easy lifestyle is a social business that supports clean drinking water for Africa and poverty alleviation in New Zealand with every order.

Check out the stats: StatsNZ

Author – Daniel Howell

Founder of a social entrepreneur who believes in people over profit. He is passionate about seeing kiwis work in their strengths and make the world a better place for everyone around them.



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