Mallard defames Key

Whale Oil has reported that dmeared and defamed yesterday on Twitter.

Mallard has since deleted the tweet, which basically said John Key is involved in tax evasion.

Now tax evasion is a crime, a serious crime. You often go to prison for tax evasion. So Mallard accused the Prime Minister of being a criminal. This is highly defamatory (and why the actual tweet is not being republished).

Labour are obsessed with smearing John Key. They’re been trying to do it since 2008 when their party president tried to dig up dirt around the H Fee, only to have it explode in their face.  They never stop though.

They hate that John Key is wealthy and successful. Even worse than being wealthy, is the fact he didn’t inherit it. He grew up in a state house and became a multi-millionaire. If it was inherited wealth then they could paint him as a Tory, but instead they keep trying to suggest he must have been dodgy or broke the law because he is wealthy. Some in Labour seem to think becoming wealthy is a bad thing, and only bad people manage to do it.

Now what makes this worse is Trevor Mallard is an Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives. He is Labour’s nominee to be Speaker. His behaviour is incompatible with being an officer of the House. Smearing and defaming the Prime Minister on Twitter (and during question time) does not make people think you can preside fairly over the House.

Mallard needs to decide – does he want to be Assistant Speaker, or does he want to be Labour’s Attack Dog? You can’t be both.

As for Mallard’s smear. Well they’ve been trying the same line for almost ten years now and it hasn’t worked. You think they would come up with a new strategy, but it seems they can’t.

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