Palino says Goff deluded on stadium

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Phil Goff’s comments about a potential waterfront stadium in Auckland suggest he is out of touch with reality says Mayoral candidate John Palino.
When commenting on the whole source of funding a potential stadium Mr Goff said. “Private sector money should be sought.”

If it were possible to build a large stadium without any public money it would have already happened somewhere in New Zealand. It has not because it cannot be done “Mr Goff must know this”, says Mr Palino.

“Either is deluded in thinking he can fund a stadium without imposing costs on the Auckland ratepayer, he is ignorant of the facts, or he is outright misleading the public for votes” says Mr Palino. “Wellington and Dunedin’s stadium cost the ratepayers significant amounts of money, and the proposed Christchurch Stadium has council money of $253m allocated to it”.

“I challenge Phil Goff to explain how he can get the private sector to entirely fund a new stadium”, says Mr Palino. “Phil Goff needs to show that he is economically credible by demonstrating an understanding that stadiums in New Zealand are not built without public money.”

“After six years of Len Brown not telling us the truth about rates rises and council spending, Auckland needs a Mayor who will be honest with ratepayers. If Auckland is going to have a new stadium, ratepayers will be funding it. Phil Goff knows this but  he wants to hide behind dubious Len Brown type rating promises during the campaign, only to massively increase rates if he gets elected.”

“Phil Goff needs to demonstrate that his promises about transparency and openness are not just empty. He cannot say that ratepayers will not pay for the stadium without explaining credibly how he will fund it. Aucklanders deserve a mayor who will tell them the truth, not one who does a Len Brown promising one thing then doing the opposite if elected.”

Stadium Expenditure

Wellington Westpac Stadium The Stadium cost $130 million to build. The finance came from: Wellington Regional Council: 25$M Wellington City Council: 15$M Grants and Donations: 7$M Fundraising: 50$M ANZ Bank Loan: 33$M

Dunedin Forsyth Barr Stadium
Originally the total cost of the stadium including land purchases was projected to be NZ $198.3 million. The following contributors make up the original total funding of the project: Otago Regional Council $37.5 million Community Trust of Otago $7.0 million University of Otago $10.0 million Government $15.0 million Dunedin City Council $98.5 million

Proposed Christchurch Stadium
The stadium’s estimated $470m pricetag will be split 50:50 between the council and the Crown and/or private sector. The council’s contribution is capped at $253m.

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